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Steamy Action Movie Marathon

Come to the Del Ray Artisans art gallery for a Steamy Action Movie Marathon on Friday, July 13 starting at 9pm and going until...? Action-packed movie chick flicks in sight! Please feel free to bring some movie goodies (candies, chocolate, sodas) to share.

Join us as we journey to the center of the Earth in "The Core" as man tries to restart the Earth's rotation. Then we move to the surface of the planet (and a throwback to Paul Newman) as we survive the volcanic activity in "When Time Ran Out...". Then travel with man into space in an attempt to re-start the sun in "Sunshine". It is sure to be a 'scorcher' of an evening as we survive each adventure while munching on theater goodies!

We will start the first movie just after 9pm and take a 10-minute standing / goodie refilling / chatting break between each movie. Best guestimate is that the 2nd movie will start around 11:25pm, and the 3rd around 1:40am. You can come for all of them or whichever ones you want. Bring your comfy chair, beanbag, or cushions to lounge.

There is no fee or charge for this inside event, but we suggest a donation of $10 per person. 3 movies, theater goodies, fellow movie-goers AND air conditioning? SO worth it!

This event is part of the Hot! Hot! Hot! art exhibit which runs through July 15 at the Del Ray Artisans gallery. What comes to mind when you hear: "Hot! Hot! Hot!"? The surface of the sun, steamy dances, ice melting on the sidewalk… That’s just what we asked area artists to do. No matter what our artists cook up, this show will definitely be hot!

Mark your calendar for this other sizzling activity: Hot Dance Exhibition, July 14, 7-10pm: Watch dancers perform some popular dances, and maybe try some of those moves to dance floor music after the performances.

Questions? Contact curators Tracy Wilkerson () or Tamara Wilkerson ().

Date: Friday, July 13, 2012
Time: 9:00pm-3:00am EDT
Duration: 6 hours
Category: Event*
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Updated: Thursday, July 12, 2012 4:16pm EDT
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