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"Thanks Y'all" Art Exhibit in Waveland, Mississippi

B 4 Now by Linda Elliff
"B 4 Now" by Linda Elliff

Shorty's Long Note by Theresa Kulstad
"Shorty's Long Note" by Theresa Kulstad

The Arts, Hancock County presents this special exhibit marking the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Del Ray Artisans is participating in Thanks Y'all, a special event art exhibit sponsored by The Arts, Hancock County marking the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Nearly ten years ago, the entire country witnessed the devastation of hurricane Katrina and reacted in various ways. Many of us wondered if and how we would survive such great losses. In the midst of grief, acts of love and kindness emerged. People wanted to help. Del Ray Artisans (DRA) offered help by reaching out to a group of Gulf Coast artists in Mississippi called The Arts, Hancock County (TAHC). They sounded like us, but they lost their families, friends, neighbors, homes, studios and for some, their life's work.

In 2007, Del Ray Artisans offered up its gallery for an entire month of Southern Surge, an art exhibit held by DRA exclusively for the benefit of Gulf Coast artists, allowing them to show any works they could get to Alexandria. Patrons could make payments directly to the artists without any reimbursement to DRA, offering immediate relief. The Arts, Hancock County enthusiastically responded with a couple of their members driving a packed van of art from fellow TAHC artists through harsh weather to Alexandria. They welcomed the relief from the Katrina fatigue and FEMA trailers and were able to enjoy the hospitality provided in the homes of our DRA members. The show was a huge success as were the special events of workshops, demos and lectures throughout the month, including a very special event at the U.S. Capitol. Throughout all of this, friendships were formed and we continue to be inspired by them.

On the upcoming anniversary of Katrina, The Arts, Hancock County is presenting a special exhibit called Thanks Y'all, inviting Del Ray Artisans and various groups around the country who reached out with helping hands after the disaster. This exhibit will take place among a cluster of commemorative events in the adjacent towns of Bay St. Louis, Waveland, and Gulfport, Mississippi on August 28 and 29.

The Watch by Guy Jones
"The Watch" by Guy Jones

Thanks Y'all will open to the public on Saturday, August 29 at 5:30pm following a 5pm Remembrance of Lives Lost at the Ground Zero Hurricane Museum (335 Coleman Avenue, Waveland, MS). The exhibit will be in the auditorium with live music, food and beverages.

Art from Del Ray Artisans will be delivered by DRA members Theresa Kulstad and Karen Schmitz to Hancock County where they not only look forward to seeing the community rebuilt and thriving, but will share in the emotional and solemn memorials. Theresa and Karen welcome you to join them in Mississippi as they witness stories of survival and revival.

For more information on Del Ray Artisans participation, please contact Linda Elliff at For more details on the Thanks Y'all exhibit, please contact Vicki Niolet at 228-671-9790 or

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